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Every seller has their own, unique situation for selling their item or items. We can list your item or items in our General Consignment Auctions, or we can do your own specific auction, such as a farm auction, business auction, estate auction, etc. For your own specific auction, items may be left at your location or can be transported to ours. Contact us for more details, questions or for a free consultation.

Transporting or hauling may be available for your item(s). Contact us for availability and a quote.

Some of the Online Auctions we conduct:

  • General Consignment Auctions (Most popular auction with a wide array of categories with items such as books, household items, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, clothing, on up to bigger items such as ATV’s, vehicles, tractors, and much more.)
  • Estate Auctions
  • Business Closures, Liquidations or Overstock
  • Benefit/Charity Auctions
  • Farm Auctions
  • Moving Auctions
  • Real Estate

Our auctions are conducted online. Online auctions are becoming more popular and starting to take over the traditional live auctions. There are many benefits to online auctions. Instead of a bidder going to a live auction and waiting for an item to go up for bid, they can bid at their own convenience from the comfort of their own home. Online Auctions are also open for approximately 6 days, which gives bidders more time to view the items and place a bid. We also offer preview days for anyone who would like to come inspect an item or lot in person.

Online auction items are not only available to the local public, but also nationwide. We offer shipping on most items to our customers. Our goal is to connect Buyers and Sellers and to get the highest possible fair market value for your item(s).

We charge a $3 listing fee per item or lot and a reasonable commission fee on all items sold. All you need to do is simply bring in your item(s) and fill out the necessary forms. Sellers are responsible for their item descriptions. Descriptions must be accurate and list any flaws or defects, working condition, model numbers, brands, sizes, colors, names, etc. Descriptions can be written on a 3” x 5” index card or a clean sheet of paper, prior to bringing item(s) in. Items must be clean and ready to sell. Keep in mind, the nicer your item appears, the more interested bidders you will get. If an item is dirty, less people are likely to bid. For smaller valued items, we suggest combining items into a “lot”.

Other than the things listed in the above paragraph, we do all the work for you. We do all the picture taking, tagging, data processing, advertising & promoting for our auctions, paperwork, accounting, etc. Once your items are brought in, ready to sell, we do the work from prepping your item(s) for listing to collecting payments from buyers and issuing you your check.

If you have many items to sell, but rather not take the time to clean them up or write up the descriptions, we do offer a service to do that for you. Contact us for an individual quote.

Selling with us will save you time, money, and the hassle of doing it yourself. We can do it all for you!

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